Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Self Employment Survival Webinars

In the past we've offered Look Before You Leap: Self-Employment Survival Strategies as a two week, facilitated online course.  With the continued support of CERIC, we will now be offering a Look Before You Leap webinars series, making it more affordable and accessible than ever.

The first introductory webinar will provide attendees with a brief exploration of self-employment, both within and outside of the career development sector, and a review of the Look Before You Leap project and research (conducted by Life Strategies and funded by CERIC). Attendees will also be introduced to the 5-part webinar series. 

You can register for the introductory webinar here: http://ceric5.eventbrite.com/#.

This introductory webinar will be followed by a 5-part webinar series exploring  the following topics:
  1. Getting Real About Self-Employment 
  2. Creating Your Self-Employment Vision and Business Plan 
  3. Marketing Yourself Effectively to Get Clients, Customers, and Projects 
  4. Managing the Logistics and Getting Help 
  5. Monitoring Progress and Planning for the Future 
For detailed descriptions of the series, please download this document.

To register for the 5-part series please visit: http://ceric6.eventbrite.com/#.

The first 10 registrants for the 5-part webinar series will receive a free PDF copy of the Look Before You Leap book.  A certificate of completion will be issued by Life Strategies to participants who attend all five parts in the webinar series.