Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clocking In From The Couch

When I tell people I work from home, they respond with, "that must be nice" or "that's awesome."  But, is working from home really that nice and awesome?  Some days I find it quite challenging.  Why?  I must say it's because of all the distractions that surround me.  I have designated office hours and an office space, but I still get lured by distractions such as house work, kids, pets, the mail's arrival, tv, phone, Facebook...

Recently I came across this great blog post and infographic by www.webs.com that gave me a good chuckle about the realities of working from home and some solutions to combat the distractions that make my "nice and awesome" work environment actually a great place to get work done.  Click on the image below to visit the infographic.

Miranda Vande Kuyt is a self-employed project and communications consultant. She is also the facilitator of the "Look Before You Leap: Self-Employment Survival Strategies" online course through www.LifeStrategies.ca.