Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Choosing Your Logo Style

When pulling your logo together ensuring it’s high quality and using good colours is important. You also need to think about what kind of image you want to portray your company. Do you want to go abstract or do you want to be more realistic? Professional or comical? All of these things can affect your design. Let’s use the following companies as an example:

There’s quite the difference between these two! You have the professional and the more comic style. Both portray a completely different feel – and you have to make sure the style you choose portrays not only your company and its culture, but also looks appropriate for the industry.

The best way to help you make the right choice of what sort of a look to go for is to think of what your target clients would like. Do you work with corporate high-end companies or do you work with creative artists? A logo appealing to those two groups would be entirely different! A corporate customer would likely not appreciate, or take seriously, a company that had a very abstract and artsy logo. Keep your clients, or ideal clients, in mind when you make your logo – you can even ask them for their input, they would appreciate that you value their opinion if you ask!

Remember if you decide to go with a photograph in your logo to ensure that you start with the highest quality, largest file you can. Keep this saved, backed up, etc, in a safe place because every time that you re-save an image you loose quality, so make sure you always have one copy that no-one’s touching that you can go back to if you need to. That being said, using photos in logos is a bit dated, it’s more common to use computer generated graphics and the benefit is that they’re generally much easier to work with.

There are so many more important things to keep in mind with logos, always make sure you get other people’s opinions – be that your clients, staff, or a professional designer!
Anna Kouwenberg is the Owner and Creative Director at ARK Squared Productions where she offers web and graphic design services. You can connect with Anna about your logo and design needs via email at anna@arksquared.com, Twitter:@arksquared, or her website at www.arksquared.com.