Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Choosing Logo Colours

Photo by Thedalog
There are so many things that can make a company look professional, but one of the most common and often overlooked at times is a company logo. It can portray so much about a company, either through images or colours used. What colours can say about you and your company through something as simple as a logo is quite amazing!

The colours you use in your logo can end up being one of the biggest decisions a company can make. These colours are likely going to be the colours you end up using throughout your company – from letterhead to uniforms, business cards to the paint colour scheme in your office. So not only do your colours have to represent you well with their meaning – but you had better like them!

There are many different resources to help you learn more about different colour meanings, a few that I’ve come across are:
Those are just two of many great resources. If you look you will see that you really need to be careful what colours you choose – especially if you have a specific target client. For example, you have probably noticed that many companies that have primarily Chinese clients tend to use a lot of red because in their culture red is an important colour. At the same time you have to be careful that you also do not offend by using a “bad luck” colour.

Another example, if you’re working with money, using green will get people thinking about money. It can also reflect that a company is using “green” practices and have that positive swing to it as well. What about if you’re going for a high-end clientele? Purple, the colour often associated with royalty can be a good choice. Or if you’re thinking high-end corporate a colour like “IBM” blue mixed with greys can work really well too.

A couple examples of negative colours would be red and yellow – while sometimes they can be good representing luck with red or energy with yellow, the colours can also mean different negative things too. Red is also a sign of caution and yellow can make people be on edge or it can also represent being scared or afraid. If you’re wanting to come across with confidence and professionalism you will want to be careful how you use those colours!

Overall just make sure that you don’t just pick a colour because you like it, but research it and make sure that it doesn’t have bad connotations attached to it, particularly if you target a specific clientele. You need to make sure that the people and companies that you are targeting as clients would like the look and feel of your marketing material!

Anna Kouwenberg is the Owner and Creative Director at ARK Squared Productions where she offers web and graphic design services. You can connect with Anna about your logo and design needs via email at anna@arksquared.com, Twitter:@arksquared, or her website at www.arksquared.com.