Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How To Create Loyal Customers

Direct marketing is a unique way for people to be in business for themselves but not by themselves. I spent a few years in direct sales and worked my way up to a leadership position with a growing team. I got started with the help of an AMAZING person – the FABULOUS Bev Burr. She is a ball of sunshine that encouraged me to work my business in a way that made me want to be successful because I knew she believed I could be. How did she do it? How does Bev continue to be successful in direct sales? I recently caught up with her to find out her secrets.

Q 1. What are the key concepts that drive product sales for you?

There are 3 Key Concepts I use to drive product sales:

1. Listen to the needs of the customer. If you don’t know what they like or want you can’t make a sale. Always ask open-ended questions, such as: what occasion would you see yourself wearing this?

2. Develop relationships. People are more important than the sales. If people know you like them, then they will feel comfortable to buy what you are selling.

3. Sell the benefits of the product. Let people know what the product can do for them and why they need it in their lives.

Q 2. What are the top objections you deal with in product sales?

The top objection is always cost. That objection is easily overcome when I show them the value of the products and the Host program. Every direct marketing company offers a host program where customers can get any product they want for FREE by having a few people over and having some fun. Actually, being a hostess was what got me started in direct marketing.

Q 3. How do you overcome objections and move forward?

Objections are just opportunities for a conversation. People are usually fearful of the unknown. If I can assure them of a positive outcome, they usually relax and become the customers I need and want. Putting the customer first, their wants and needs – and taking my wants and needs out of the picture, actually gets me what I want in the long run.

I never worry about the sales. I worry about making people feel comfortable, happy and valued. If I follow that plan, then what I want and need falls into place.

Q 4. What attitude or outlook on your life and business has lead to your success?

I believe you need to come from a place of abundance. Give without expecting anything in return. Give for the joy of the gift.

I also have a positive attitude – turning lemons into lemonade. No one wants to do business with anyone who is negative, grumpy, or has a an attitude of “its all about me”.

Q 5. What keeps your customers coming back? Why are they loyal to you?

I believe my customers keep coming back to me because I take the time to get to know them. I ask questions about their family and let them know they are important to me by sending cards for important occasions. My customers are valued because they are not just about the sales to me – THEY are people and their lives come first. I have discovered that sales is all about developing the relationship first, and then you can sell anything when that trust is confirmed.

Bev Burr has been involved with the Direct Marketing Industry for the past 20 years – full time for the past 10. With her positive attitude and friendly demeanour, Bev has been able to develop a successful home business – not only with top sales achievements, but by also empowering and mentoring women to create their own successful business. Bev’s website can be enjoyed at www.liasophia.ca/bevburr.