Monday, May 14, 2012

I Must Be Crazy! What Am I Thinking?!?

So you’re considering entrepreneurship and thinking to yourself: “What am I thinking? I must be crazy!”

Starting a business seems so risky after all.

And maybe you’re like I was – almost mad at yourself that there isn’t some other way that you could be happy, doing something equally as gratifying without all of the uncertainty. Arg!

If only. If only starting your own business was even about that.

The only time to become an entrepreneur is when it’s a choiceless choice – not just an option.

(An aside: The other reason to be an entrepreneur is if you have lots of money to just go around trying stuff and if that’s the case why are you reading this?! Seriously. Go try stuff.)

And what exactly is a “choiceless choice”?

(I’m so totally glad you’re wondering and so glad we’re connecting.)

It’s a whole body decision.
It’s the world of feeling, sensation, intuition (gut) and bodily knowledge that wants and needs and craves giving birth to a business. And no matter if you are male or female – it is a birth if your heart is both in it and in you for the journey.

Manifested in a commitment to your business, is a commitment to yourself to take the first step to start. And then each one that follows. Without trying to make the steps different than they are.

What steps? Like what?

(Again, so glad we’re on the same page.)

:: You will need to find a way to be comfortable with your self-worth and value what you offer with a dollar amount;

:: You will need to learn how to say what you do in a way that solves a problem for someone in a way that makes sense to that person (and you may need to hire a copywriter to help dig these words out of you);

:: You will need to create an enticing online platform or storefront (whatever that is for you) and you’ll need the resources to do that (whether it comes from the job you have now, your parents, your fundraising abilities, or somewhere else);

:: You will be challenged to “drop” or “re-frame” the “story” that marketing is “gross” in some way. Marketing will come to mean making your authentic self and your emotional labour business assets worth sharing;

:: You will need to choose your support network because it’s a journey that’s more fun with friends who understand and can relate to you in the present;

:: You may need to re-define love to mean more than just the words. Love is action and when people say they love you, but resist acknowledging and supporting your dreams and growth, you will find yourself creating loving boundaries to protect your investment.

Sabrina Ali is the author of the Bliss Kit. Her virtual home is for all things career with a modern authentic twist, on twitter and facebook (where you can find more inspiration for your real work).